Hand Painted Custom Gifts

hand paited gifts

Having a beginning in ceramics, we have moved more towards a custom painting company. Along with wine glasses, we also paint on upcycled wine bottles from all over the world. In addition, we have hand painted wine glass caddies, holding 2-4 individual wine glasses; each fitting conveniently over a matching hand painted wine bottle.

Wine glasses are not the only glass we paint. We also have a limited supply of glass cake domes to adorn any kitchen. Hand painted guest soaps make for a festive or floral adornment in most any bathroom. Keeping with the natural theme, we offer all natural bath salts, created by us, using ingredients to give you a soothing bath time experience.

Our creativity continues to custom painted signs on wood or canvas. Each sign reads Faith or Love, Family, Hope, I am a Child of God, etc. Each sign is then adorned with a beautifully painted background, completing it with hand painted roses, daisies, sunflowers, etc. We have been adding to the list monthly. Custom painting is our specialty; just talk to us about your ideas for that special gift!

To round out our company we are Certified Painting Instructors, providing our students the opportunity to explore their "creative side". We offer classes in their home or work. We also do parties for that special occasion! For events such as Craft Fairs, we demonstrate our painting, giving the guest a front row seat to how they too, can create their own gifts and special touches for their homes. With just a bit of instruction and practice, who knows what they could create!

Custom Painted Wine Glasses

hand painted wine glasses Individually custom hand painted wine glasses. We offer classes and instructions in the ever popular technique of painting on all types of glass!

hand painted signs Hand painted custom signs. We have over 25 sayings, or we also offer custom lettering and design. We can add most any design feature. Hand painted signs are just one of the many classes we offer.

Custom Painted Cake Plates

custom painted glass Glass cake plates can be custom painted with most any motif and color. These designs were inspired by Donna Dewberry's numerous instructional tapes and books.

natural bath salts Hand Crafted All Natural Bath Salts. We create Handcrafted All Natural Bath Salts with Doterra Essential Oils packaged in an upcycled jar, custom painted to your motif.

Odells Creations

Hand painted glassware, soaps, signs, ornaments, upcycled items Sandra O'Dell - Las Vegas

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Custom Paintings

This is another project done on an old wooden tv tray. We used a large stencil for our background and added extra foilage and florals to complete our designs. This design is inspired by Carol Craig's Butterfly Majesty. We can instruct you on how to do each of these elements or there are a multitude of items to choose from.

custom hand painted gifts

custom hand painted gifts

Prince of the Meadow, our latest painting on another wooden tv tray! This design was inspired by Carol Craig.

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